Our in-house R&D department encodes quality into the DNA of our products. Here’s how that works: sales and marketing staff team up with product managers to ensure our engineers and designers hear what the market wants and customers need. They then factor these demands into the R&D equation.

Experienced engineers at our St. Wendel headquarters look far ahead to develop our technology platforms. Then they incorporate these advances into our electronics, housings and other hardware using state-of-the-art design, simulation, measuring and prototyping tools. With digitalized workflows and connected manufacturing lines, our processes are agile across the board. And our designers are quick to create digital twins of prospective new products. Marketing and sales staff can share these digital twins with our distribution partners to brief them and get their thoughts at an early stage.

It doesn’t take us long to go from an original idea to an initial prototype. Manufactured in the same way as a standard product, this prototype lends itself to thorough testing in in-house and outside labs, as well as by beta testers. These early trials help us improve the product’s sound, operation, safety and durability, and ensure compliance with standards before we ramp up production.

The development process culminates in a battery of rigorous tests to validate and verify our designs and their audio performance. The most grueling of these is our two-day endurance test under maximum load to confirm the product’s reliability even under the most extreme conditions.


Quality management is a top priority for the Stamer Group. Encompassing the entire production process, our Quality Management System embeds the highest quality standards throughout the chain and tracks compliance from front to end. Quality assurance is not just a final step; we practice it on the fly by measuring, simulating and analyzing products throughout the development process.

The Stamer Group uses state-of-the-art tools from leading European vendors to gauge electronic components, hardware, electromagnetic compatibility, electrical safety and acoustic performance. This painstaking approach pays off with advanced products that always comply with – and often exceed – international and national standards.

Our painstaking practices to assure quality from end to end, and extend beyond our in-house shop floor to our supply chain. Sustainable and verifiable quality management is also a consideration when we choose suppliers and partners. And we apply lean and Six Sigma manufacturing practices and Poka-yoke error-proofing.

Certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
Certificate Nr. 12 100 36031 TMS

Download certificate (PDF, 250Kb)


A speaker’s sound quality hinges on the housing’s acoustic properties. This is why we give the material’s resonance such careful consideration when assessing its suitability for a cabinet.

Our cabinetmakers use only the best materials, such as premium birch from Finland, and MDF made in Germany. Our panels are milled on six state-of-the-art CNC machines.

The outstanding quality of our enclosures is very much down these machines and the craft of our woodworkers.


A housing’s coating is more than merely a cosmetic touch. It’s a tough skin that protects against rain, sunlight and other environmental forces. That’s why the finish is such a big factor in a product’s overall quality.

Our engineers designed and built a custom paint cell to apply these tough coatings to our products. The robots on this fully automated line handle all the standard jobs. Custom paintwork and polyurethane coatings we do by hand.


For many, a speaker cabinet or amp is just a combination of a wood enclosure and electronic components. But metal parts such as the chassis and front grille are also important and very much on our minds when we develop these products.

We design sheet-metal components in-house and manufacture these parts on our CNC machines.

Then we apply a rugged powder coating and silkscreen the labels and markings before sending these metal parts to our electronics assembly line.


Every month, our shop floor transforms some 1.4 million components into 3,000 to 4,000 devices.

Machines assemble many of these modules using through-hole technology. However, our custom shop also populates circuit boards by hand for small production runs. And our electronics shop installs jacks, sockets, potentiometers, ICs, and so on.

All electronic components undergo computer-assisted function and performance tests. Then we wed the various modules to the sheet-metal chassis and proceed to the next step: final assembly.


An automated conveyor belt carries the coated housings from the paint shop to the final assembly station. This is where we put the individual components together into a ready-to-use device.

Subjecting the assembled device to computerized electrical and acoustic tests using Klippel tools, we make sure it lives up to our standards for audio quality.

An experienced guitarist then puts our premium guitar amps to the test.


A brief introduction to our purchasing principles and details on our specifications follow. Thank you for taking an interest in our company. Feel free to get in touch with us if you wish to learn more.

Our purchasing principles
  • Build and nurture long-term partnerships based on mutual trust
  • Comply with all laws, respect human rights, and adhere to all health occupational safety and data privacy regulations
  • Continuously improve suppliers’ product quality and on-time-to-requirement delivery performance
  • Comply with environmental regulations
  • Continue reducing manufacturing costs
What we expect of suppliers
  • Outstanding quality
  • On-time-to-requirement delivery performance
  • Long-term partnership
  • Innovative products at competitive prices
  • Continuously improve the manufacturing of our products
How to get in touch with the purchasing department

Do you have products or services that you would like to offer us? Then email us at and please be sure to include the following information:

  • The type of product / the part(s) of our portfolio you are interested in
  • A company presentation with your representative’s contact details
  • Certificates

We look forward to hearing from you.

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