• Passion for Sound

    The world of the Stamer Group at a glance

Some moments can forever change your life. Lothar Stamer had one of those moments as a teenager when he crossed two wires and his first DIY audio system came to life. Pieced together out of old portable radios, his homemade PA turned silence into sound and, briefly, his parent’s garage into a rocking concert hall.

This early fascination with sound lives on at the Stamer Group, where we have been chasing such magical moments for over 40 years now. A PA that serves up a sublime audio experience, a guitar amplifier tone that inspires players to reach deeper and soar higher – this is the fuel of our creative fires.

Read on if you wish to learn more about us and our passion for sound. Be warned, though – it’s infectious.


In Europe, the HK Audio name is synonymous with world-class sound reinforcement systems. The brand has earned that distinction over the last twenty years with systems born of our unflagging pursuit of perfection in sound.

HK Audio created the template for a completely new breed of systems with L.U.C.A.S. Often imitated, but never duplicated, it was the first compact PA for entertainers. Quick to see the potential of a modular column PA, HK Audio engineered ELEMENTS to bring the benefits of a bona-fide line array to smaller stages. With LINEAR 5 and its LTS variant, the Stamer Group created a high-performance line of PAs unlike any other on the market. HK Audio’s reputation for innovation and user-centric solutions extends to the professional audio sector. EN54-24-certified for voice alarm applications, VORTIS 2 loudspeakers stand out among the crowd. They pair excellent performance with practically unrivalled color choices and custom engraved logos to match the customer – or the venue’s – CI.

Guitarists know and appreciate Hughes & Kettner as a leading maker of innovative guitar amplifiers built to professional standards. Hughes & Kettner products provide everything our clientele needs to make music – top-drawer tone and phenomenal ease of use. Teaming up with bright engineers and great musicians, Hughes & Kettner has created many groundbreaking solutions over the years.

These innovations are milestones on the never-ending road to perfection in guitar amps, effects pedals and innovative equipment. Many new technologies first saw the light of day in the Hughes & Kettner R&D department. The bottom line: Hughes & Kettner develops guitar amps for practically every application. The AS 64, the first programmable amplifier, and the Black Spirit 200, the world´s first “bionic” amp, are but two examples of how the company has advanced the state of the art. The Red Box, a DI box that emulates speakers and microphones, is another.


The Stamer Group is the sum of many parts. Each of our specialized teams does what it does best to benefit our brand name. Some research and develop; others manufacture at our plant in St. Wendel, Germany. Still others market our products at home and abroad. Two entities emerged in the course of our company’s history to tackle these diverse tasks:

Good ideas can change the world. But they can’t grow and flourish in the dark. Spreading the word around the world, our sales and marketing teams cast light on our innovations. These specialists make sure our products are seen, understood and – most importantly – heard. Working with 90+ distributors in more than 80 countries, they develop marketing strategies and training tailored to the country and target group. They also represent our brands at trade fairs.

Seminars and workshops conducted at our HKademy explain the finer points of our products. This helps retailers cater to local markets, sell our products in their territories, and provide the best application and technical support to their customers.

More than 70 people in our sales, marketing, user support, technical service and logistics teams spend their working days in pursuit of our most important goal:

Inspiring and delighting people!

More and better – that’s what Stamer Musikanlagen has been all about since day one. Our venture has always been a quest for better sound quality, more and bigger user benefits, and a user-friendlier product. Of course, the better product can never be a copy. This is why our R&D teams are so keen to keep exploring, to continue learning and gaining even deeper insight. That’s what it takes to create true originals.

Stamer Musikanlagen is a modern manufacturing company with global reach. We can take advantage of all the possibilities of international production to make these originals. In doing so, we count on our highly skilled workforce to make products at our St. Wendel facilities. We do this because manufacturing is in our DNA – it’s part of our identity. And we do this because having all our assets pooled at one site means we can communicate very effectively across departmental lines to remain agile and responsive in a volatile market.

The mission is the same for our 90 people in R&D, manufacturing, purchasing and logistics. We provide:

The easiest way to the best sound!

Making the world sound better

What would the world be without music? Part of human nature and the human experience, music is a powerful force. It expresses emotions that are hard to put into words. Bypassing our intellect to speak directly to our hearts and souls, music tells tales of mystery and imagination. It opens doors in our minds, bringing people together and perhaps even changing us for the better.

We and our customers are at the service of this power. Every working day, we do our part to help people bring the benefits of music to the world.

Sound and sustainability – these are our priorities. We engineer products to treat users and listeners to an outstanding audio experience. Then we manufacture these products in an ecofriendly way that conserves resources.

We show our respect for musicians and sound technicians by putting the best tools at their fingertips. And our sustainable manufacturing practices are a token of our respect for Mother Nature and the generations to come.

The people who devote their time to helping others grow with the power of music also deserve our respect. We demonstrate it by supporting them wherever we can.

We do this because music is a force for good – and good-sounding music can change the world!


What you might want to know about the Stamer Group:


years’ experience of satisfying customers with the best quality, fair prices and stellar performance


employees at the Stamer Group


invested in R&D each year


MIPA Awards
over the last 18 years

96,9 %

availability with over 5,000 items


international trade fairs and events a year

45.000 kg

of water-based enamel applied a year – enough to paint 69 Airbus 380s black

60 %

of the workforce has been with the Stamer Group for more than 10 years; 32% for more than 20


wood dowels inserted daily – stacked, they would rise to the height of Cologne Cathedral

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